Russ Pitts

is a writer, editor; media producer; filmmaker; public speaker; co-founder of and Take This, Inc.; and author of How Videogames Are Made, Sex, Drugs & Cartoon Violence, and Eagle Semen.



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Select Longform Journalism

The birth of Xbox Live

The geniuses at Microsoft’s Millennium E campus lived in a time before "always-on internet" and widespread multiplayer gaming. Similarly to the men who went to the moon and launched the atom bomb, these people asked themselves what might happen if they tried to do a very big thing in a very small amount of time. The result is under your television, on your phone and possibly powering your car radio. I spent about one year reporting on this story. I talked to over a dozen engineers, programmers and executives of (or formerly of) Microsoft. (Polygon)

Cloned at birth: The story of Ridiculous Fishing

The mirror men of Arkane

The two co-creative directors of Arkane have lived almost parallel lives. And the stories of how they both entered the game industry and eventually came to work together were among the most dramatic personal stories I’d ever heard. At one point, As Harvey started telling me the story of how his father and mother had died (and why he went into the military), I turned to look at Tracey Thompson (Bethesda’s PR rep) as if to ask, “Can I print this?” and Tracey just shrugged and raised her eyebrows. She had no idea. So I printed it. (Polygon)