The Bar

It was a dive bar in the heart of the Emerald City. A few blocks from my hotel. I was in town to meet a friend. A business associate with a grudge. We had dinner planned and a tour of the city. It was my first time. I had a few hours to kill. I’d […]

Catwoman Was Asking For It

The argument goes like this: Although Batman: Arkham City is a game featuring massive violence and other dark themes, the frequent employment of the word “bitch” by male characters to describe female characters is one colorful epithet too far. I.e.: Just because we’re playing rough doesn’t mean we have to be sexist, too. Kotaku’s Kirk […]

Tending the Idea Garden

I set myself a goal this week of writing at least one saleable article per day, writing one blog post per day, pitching at least one article per day and doing one WILDCARD (to be defined). I honestly can’t tell if this is an aggressive goal or taking it easy, but I need to start […]