August Update

So I sat down to think about why I haven’t touched this blog in two and a half months and that last entry pretty much tells the story. Turns out starting a business takes a lot of hard work and long hours and an emotional and physical toll (channeling Mike Rowe here) that doesn’t leave […]

Race for the Cure 2008

There are three possible reasons a guy might be for supporting the fight against breast cancer. The first would be that he’s a breast fan, which, let’s face it, most of us are. The second might be that it’s one of the single most deadly diseases to women in the world, and things like that […]

April Running

I hit the 100 mile mark with Nike+ two weeks ago. That was thrilling. I’d been running for a few months before picking up the Nike+ system, so my actual mileage total is somewhat higher, but there’s something inherently cool about having evidence of that sort of thing. I wrote about this in The Escapist […]

I Have a Crack In My Finger

I’m sorry but it seems I, along with you, am doomed to suffer only twice monthly updates to this blog. I promise to do better, and yet I fail. So many analogies, so little time … My excuse this month is one of those annoying cracks on my finger. My right hand typing finger, to […]

Still Running, Etc.

I’m still running, by the way. I took another break while I was in Jamaica, but was pleased to discover I hadn’t lost too much ground when I got back. Last week I took it easy, but the two runs I got in were good ones, and my pace is now pretty reliably under nine […]

Still Running

I’m doing about 3 miles a day now, every day or every other day, and have gotten my pace down to under 10″ pretty reliably. As I suspected, the gains are coming much more slowly not that I’m in a groove, but I still feel stronger every day, and every day can’t wait to run. […]

Running is a Drug

I haven’t had cravings this bad since I quite smoking four years ago. I got back from Texas late Sunday night, too wrung out to run, and I thought I would die. Not from being wrung out – from not running. It was like all those times I smoked my last butt at 4am and […]

Getting Strong Now

I did a few more runs around the neighborhood last week before the weather turned shitty on us again. Been on the treadmill since. I can do 2 miles without really feeling it now, except in the knees. Oh, Vishnu the knees. I now regret the years I spent working on construction and refusing the […]