New Year

On the whole, I’m feeling positive about 2012. Some exciting announcements will be coming in the next few days that will finally allow me to pull back the curtain on what I’ve been up to for the past couple of months. I can’t wait to share with everyone what I’ll be working on next and – more importantly – I can’t wait to start getting my hands dirty with the project. Stay tuned for news on that this coming week.

Meanwhile, my foray into freelance writing has gone better than I’d hoped. The editors of Joystiq, Kotaku, Gamespot, IGN and more have all been gracious enough to publish my work and the responses shave been mostly positive. After three years or so of working behind-the-scenes managing The Escapist, it’s been reinvigorating to strap the writing boots back on and exercise those muscles. It’s also been a joy to work with some of the best editors in the business as colleagues instead of competitors. This is something I’m expecting to do a lot more of in the coming months … but I digress.

Finally (but not in any way less importantly) this website and the AAK Podcast have also given me a tremendous amount of pleasure during my soon-to-be-over full-time employment hiatus. After working for years on something as massive and complex as The Escapist, it’s been a welcome respite to wield the increasingly powerful internet tools to create something smaller and more focused. If for no other reason than that it has reconfirmed that creating content is my first, best destiny and that – for now at least – the online space is still the best medium for the kind of work I want to do.

The AAK Podcast in particular has been a joy to create. Working with Sean Andrich again has been like coming home, and the conversations I’ve been able to share with my fantastic guest hosts have been amazing. I’ve really enjoyed sharing a glimpse into these talented visionaries’s minds, and getting to know better some of the people who have inspired me to always do better myself.

Personally, as well, I’ve never felt more alive. I’m now (as of last Saturday) just a few years shy of 40, but I feel more stronger and healthier, physically and mentally, than I ever have. And I am immensely grateful that circumstances and opportunity conspired to allow me to spend the past several weeks visiting family and taking care of the people (and pets) that matter most.

I started 2011 dealing with injuries and ailments, both physical and mental, and wasn’t at all sure that I had made the correct life choices. By contrast, 2012 is already a win for me. I’ve never felt more confident of what I have accomplished and the person i have grown to be. 2011 was a difficult year, a year of compromise and frustration, in spite of a handful of inspirational moments. I’m looking forward to making 2012 the year that makes the difficulties seem like small clouds passing in front of the sun on a warm, summer day.