The Escapist Articles

I’ve been writing features and editorials for The Escapist since February of 2006. I’ve been Editor-in-Chief since June of 2009.

This is (or will be) a near comprehensive list of the work I’ve produced for them. Each link will take you to their site. Pardon the bad netiquette of that, but they’ve all got pretty art and whatnot on them at The Escapist site, so I see no reason to re-host them here. I just like seeing them all listed in one place.

Feature Articles

Escort Missions Suck
Horror 2.0: Lance Weiler’s Cinema ARG
You Can’t Kill Batman: Writing for Franchises
Sticks and Balls
Those About to Frag
Hard to Be Humble: Bungie on Bungie
Socilotron: How the Other Half Plays
Inside Garriott’s Playground
The Future is Vicious
id Software: Still Creating Cool Stuff
Girlfriend, Rat
To Hear Ourselves Review
Tabletop Gaming and the Hypnic Jerk
Will Bobba for Furni
Whyville: Saving the Children
Ninety Percent of You Die
Westernization by Zombification
Omega Man: The Out of Hell Mod
Counter Cult/ure/
The Lost Generation
Business Casual
Virtual Bullet, Virtual Gun
EA is a Startup: The Joe Ybarra Interview
Requiem for a Dreamcast
Free Fall: Running with Armadillos
Play On: The Composers Behind Today’s Game Music
Mario Smells Like Mothballs
Working for Microsoft: From Borg to Boss
Fanatical Opinions
Asteroids do Not Concern Me
The Definition of an Art Form
Steve Jackson: The Escapist Interview
OK Computer: Teledildonics and You
I’m Evil
Red Storm Writing
Not With a Bang, But a Click
John Romero: The Escapist Interview
Zombies Ate the Master Chief
Secret Sauce: The Rise of Blizzard
Duck and Cover


Kane & Lynch & Enough of the Bullshit
The Wii Shortage and Other disasters of Toy Economics
TimeShift: The Story Behind the Game
How to Win at Games of Chance
I Play Games for a Living
id’s Kevin Cloud On …
E32007: The New E3, or Something Else?
Console Wars, Failure Rates and E3
Millions of Voices Suddenly Cried Out
Fifth Period Game Design
Red Ring of Death
G.A.N.G. Awards Finalist
Attack of the Uncanny Valley
The Artistic Process: An Interview with John Enricco


Portal: Less is More
The Seven Sins of BioShock
Overlord: Being Evil, So Much Fun
8 Things I Remembered from Guitar Hero: Rocks the 80s

Editor’s Notes

Issue 125, “Conventioneering”
Issue 122, “Once Upon a Time
Issue 119, “Making Their Mark”
Issue 113, “Career Day”
Issue 110, “The Future of Gaming”
Issue 107, “Dark and Stormy Night”
Issue 104, “Golden Ticket”
Issue 98, “On a Pale Horse”
Issue 57, “In Too Deep”
Issue 55, “Against the Gods”
Issue 51, “It Came from The Escapist”