Exhaustion Zen

I can’t believe how long it’s been since I’ve run, but it’s been a while. Did a couple of miles yesterday for breakfast and, foolishly, decided to follow that up with a 6-mile hike in the afternoon. The dog enjoyed the scenery, but I wrote a check my legs were not prepared to cash. Been […]

August Update

So I sat down to think about why I haven’t touched this blog in two and a half months and that last entry pretty much tells the story. Turns out starting a business takes a lot of hard work and long hours and an emotional and physical toll (channeling Mike Rowe here) that doesn’t leave […]

Orange Juice

One last update before I start wondering aloud why I’m not in bed already. I’ve spoken about my Orange Juice Principle a number of times in a number of formats, but never at the length and with the precision I managed for my Smile and Nod column over at The Escapist this week. The Orange […]

April Running

I hit the 100 mile mark with Nike+ two weeks ago. That was thrilling. I’d been running for a few months before picking up the Nike+ system, so my actual mileage total is somewhat higher, but there’s something inherently cool about having evidence of that sort of thing. I wrote about this in The Escapist […]

I Have a Crack In My Finger

I’m sorry but it seems I, along with you, am doomed to suffer only twice monthly updates to this blog. I promise to do better, and yet I fail. So many analogies, so little time … My excuse this month is one of those annoying cracks on my finger. My right hand typing finger, to […]

I Ate the Conch

There’s one thing I forgot to mention about Jamaica the other day: I ate conch. You know, that shell you hold up to your ear and it sounds like the ocean? There’s a creature that lives in those before they get washed up on the beach. I’ve never seen one, but I assure you they […]

Home is Not Jamaica

The best part about life before blogs was that awesome feeling of not knowing how quickly the days passed. You didn’t feel it at the time, but, like when you break an arm, you value it more when you don’t have it. I see from the sorry state of this blog that about two weeks […]