The TotalBiscuit Interview

Since my Update announcing the identity of our Stage of Development Episode Six subject caused somewhat of a minor fracas yesterday, I wanted to set the record straight on a couple of things. First, it wasn’t my intention to launch the Kickstarter with an unannounced episode. I recognize this might have been seen as a […]

A Question of Opinion

One of the backers of Stage of Development asked me “How opinionated will the final videos be, if at all?” I added this question (and answer) as the first entry on the FAQ because it’s such a good question. It really gets to the absolute heart of why I do what I do. The short […]

Stage of Development Kickstarter

My new project is a documentary webseries about the people of video games. From the pitch: STAGE OF DEVELOPMENT is a documentary series featuring human stories about real people. Some of them make games. Some of them play games. Some of them just happen to be caught in the crossfire. All of them are helping […]

Upcoming Events

UPDATED (23 August): Some changes, some additions. This is where you can officially find me over the next few weeks.   I’ve got a lot of good stuff coming up this month and next, so I figured I’d put (most of) it all in one place for easy reference for those of you concerned about […]

Get my eBook How Video Games Are Made for a Ridiculously Low Price, Plus Seven More Books

Who doesn’t like words? Nobody. Here’s your chance to get a  lot of words (I mean A LOT. OF WORDS.) for a super low price, help support indie authors like myself and give to charity all at the same time. My eBook “How Video Games Are Made” is included in this summer’s Storybundle. Also, you […]

On Eagle Semen and lessons learned

Starting this month I’m selling my book “Eagle Semen” as an eBook through Amazon and Gumroad. It’s the story of how I quit my job as a producer of TechTV’s The Screen Savers in the worst possible way, and why. What the book doesn’t really go into, though, is what happens after you write an […]

Flying Saucer Media: Elevating Ideas

I’m a writer. I have always been a writer. I will always be a writer. But I’m also a video producer. My career has been a constant struggle between these two, at times mutually exclusive, jobs. At times I’ve favored the video producer job. At other times, the writer job. There have been social and […]

Why Amazon? And what happened to Gumroad? And why didn’t you tell me?

These are all good questions. As some of you have noticed I’ve shifted sale of my book “How Video Games Are Made: My 16 Months Inside the Development of Defense Grid 2” from the Gumroad marketplace to Amazon. This was not a frivolous decision.

Update on my eBook “How Video Games Are Made”

Since the publication of the last installment of my article series at Polygon about the making of Defense Grid 2, many of you have been wondering when those articles would be available in eBook form. I can now, at long last, give you an approximate answer: Soon. I finished writing the book, adding new chapters, […]