Epic Mickey 2: Finding Oswald’s voice


Game creator Warren Spector and I go back a little ways. I edited a handful of things he wrote for escapistmagazine.com. And we have always been friendly.

So the chance to talk to him about his passion project, Epic Mickey was something I was looking forward to in general. But this specific story was something special.

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit was Walt Disney’s first attempt at an iconic cartoon character, but he lost the rights as part of an employment dispute. So he started over, with Walt Disney Studios and Mickey Mouse. Mickey became legendary, and Walt’s studio became a media juggernaut, powerful even in his own time. But Walt never lived to see Oswald return home.

When Disney traded Football commentator Al Michaels for the rights to Oswald, it tapped Warren Spector’s Junction Point studios to help reintroduce the character, in video game form. But Oswald had always been a silent movie character. He had no voice.

This is the story of how Junction Point gave him one.

Epic Mickey 2: Finding Oswald’s voice