Launching Operation Supply Drop


Steve Machuga was a “Stryker” officer in Iraq. He commanded a company of fighting truck drivers, basically. Except his truck drivers drove armored and armed vehicles along endless, dusty roads that had a tendency to get blown up. A lot.

When Steve came home, he spent a lot of time learning how to be a civilian again. Things like trash in the roadway would set him off. He came close to seeking psychiatric help — but didn’t, because soldiers don’t do that.

When he realized that playing video games was helping him get back to normal, he realized he could do something to help his brothers in arms still in the field. So he sent them some games.

Three years later Operation Supply Drop is a growing charity, and a li8feline for deployed soldiers all over the world. This story and video are from two days I spent with Steve in his Virginia home.

Launching Operation Supply Drop