AAK Podcast Episode 8

Gaming, internet, television. Repeat. It’s your life. We’re not judging.

Russ Pitts and Shawn Andrich discuss Skyrim, Russ’s leather couch, controlling detsructive urges and using your large-screen TV to play games on your PC. And, of course, more.

Russ Pitts is the former Editor-in-Chief of The Escapist (and future … ?). Shawn Andrich is the co-founder of Gamers with Jobs. Russ and Shawn were previously co-hosts of GWJ’s acclaimed videogaming podcast Gamers with Jobs Radio. Shawn is currently host of the “Gamers with Jobs Conference Call” and “Striving.” Russ is currently taking some time off and watching a lot of TV.

Music by: Ian Dorsch.

Running time: 1 hour, 22 minutes
File size: 37.5 MB