Update on my eBook “How Video Games Are Made”

Since the publication of the last installment of my article series at Polygon about the making of Defense Grid 2, many of you have been wondering when those articles would be available in eBook form. I can now, at long last, give you an approximate answer: Soon.

I finished writing the book, adding new chapters, expanding the original interviews and restructuring the story to account for being able to apply hindsight (and now having an ending) in October. And last month a version of the eBook went out to people who’d ordered the “Steam Special edition” version of Defense Grid 2 on Steam. Early reviews of the book are positive.

Soon I will finally be offering the eBook for sale, via Gumroad, but it will be slightly different than what the Steam customers received.




The new title is “How Video Games Are Made: My 16 Months Inside the Development of Defense Grid 2, by Russ Pitts.” And the book will have new cover art (the above image is temporary) created by the designer of many of my Polygon articles, Tyson Whiting.

The book will be made available as soon as it is ready, which I hope will be sometime in December 2014. You can pre-order it here. (Thank you to those who have already done so.)

UPDATE (12/15/14): The book will definitely be made available this week. Thanks for your patience.