Videos I’ve produced, or had a hand in.

Making Xcom’s Jake Solomon: I produced this short documentary about Jake Solomon and Sid Meier, on the making of Xcom: Enemy Unknown, a game that too almost a decade, and was almost destroyed twice.

Cloned at Birth: I produced this short documentary over two years with Dutch indie game developer Vlambeer about their years-long struggle to win back control over their cloned game.


Human Angle: Finding John Marston: I was the executive producer of the Human Angle series at Polygon. The entire concept, in fact, was based on my design of our written features, and my theories on how to translate those into video products. Working with the extremely talented team at Vox Studios to refine that concept was one of my career highlights. This video is probably my favorite of the entire series. It’s about a man fomr the midwest who lucked into voice acting, made a smash hit video game, and then walked away from the industry for good.


Press Reset: I was executive producer of the “Press Reset” series at Polygon. It was a documentary about our building of the website. produced while we were building it. This episode was our “launch” episode. We sneakily shot footage with the website development team in the days leading up to launch, cue the video together the day of launch, minus the ending, then spliced in the last few scenes right after they happened. This let us get a 10-minute video about the launching of the website on the actual site, less than two hours after the site launched.


Techland: I produced and appeared in this video, about game development studio Techland, produced on-location in Wroclaw, Poland.


Making Gangnam: Behind the Scenes with Dance Central 3: Short documentary about Massachusetts-based game developer Harmonix Music Systems, and the team behind their dance game, Dance Central 3. Shot on-location in Cambridge. I produced and appeared in this, and it was completed, start-to-finish, in less than five days.

Defiance: Behind the Scenes: I produced and appeared in this short about the TV show and video game Defiance. Shot on-location in Toronto.

Destiny: E3 Preview, 2013: I appeared in and produced this video about Bungie’s Destiny at the E3 Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles.

Inside the Composer’s Dead Space: I produced and appeared in this short documentary about Dead Space and Tomb Raider composer Jason Graves.

Behind the Scenes: Halo 4 Playtest: I produced this video on-location in Redmond, WA. It’s a rare inside look at Microsoft’s playtest labs, where they improve Halo.