Why Amazon? And what happened to Gumroad? And why didn’t you tell me?

These are all good questions.

As some of you have noticed I’ve shifted sale of my book “How Video Games Are Made: My 16 Months Inside the Development of Defense Grid 2” from the Gumroad marketplace to Amazon. This was not a frivolous decision.

The reason I went with Gumroad in the first place is it’s a much friendlier marketplace for creators. It gives more control over how products are sold and pays a much higher rate than Amazon. At Gumroad, approximately 90% of the price of my book goes directly to me. At Amazon it’s more like 30%, with the rest going to Amazon. That’s a huge difference. Plus, at Gumroad I can completely tailor the listing and I have complete control over how the book is sold. But none of that is why I initially went with Gumroad.

When I planned to offer my book earlier this year, it wasn’t possible to accept pre-orders through Amazon, but at Gumroad it was. This cinched it for me. Unfortunately, now that the book has been released, the weaknesses in Gumroad’s marketplace have been revealing themselves. It’s just not as friendly for the consumer as Amazon, and it’s harder for my book to get seen.

The reality is that in spite of the fact that I make more money per book at Gumroad, more people will find my book at Amazon. Especially during the holidays. And more people seeing my work is ultimately more important to me than how many dollars I make off of it. Hopefully the delta between the two will even out over time.

If you purchased the book through Gumroad and feel I misled you or simply aren’t happy with the experience, and would rather have the book through Amazon, drop me an email and I’ll see what I can do for you. I don’t want anyone to feel like they got a lesser product, and I can understand why you might.

If you haven’t bought the book yet, please go get it at Amazon. (And leave a review if you like it!)

Thanks. And sorry for any confusion. And thanks for supporting my work.